A Little Sextape Leaked

little sextape

Lucy’s boyfriend pulled out the camera and fired it up for the people back home, as he shot the new apartment he’d just bought. Not long into the sextape, Lucy got home, and we got a little look at her from behind. This blond was gorgeous and super curvy. Lucy told her BF she had to go to a Halloween party that night, but he begged her to hang out with him for a bit, so she stayed a while longer. Out on the balcony, Lucy’s BF reminded her how she’d committed to trying new things, and pointed out it was a perfect opportunity, so Lucy agreed and flashed her perfect teen tits for the camera. Once inside, he tried to get a little sextape going, but Lucy kept resisting…

Eventually, after giving her full possession to keep the tape, she gave in. Lucy’s top came off, and her BF started sucking on those sweet tits. That got her hot, and she stripped down naked to show off the rest of her incredible body. That ass was beautiful. In no time, Lucy started sucking his cock. He played with her pussy and got her super horny. Then he started stroking that pussy deep, and Lucy forgot all about the camera. She was loving it, so she turned around to take it even harder in doggy style. Her BF banged that pussy good, as her big ass bounced all around. Then he pulled out and busted a huge load of cum all over that perfect teen booty.

Little Sextape Leaked

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