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 We're starting to see a trend emerging with all the submissions we get here on GFRevenge. All of these girls really should start putting their foot down when they tell the guys to shut off the camera. They all predict that the guys filming them will end up showing it to all their friends, and they're usually right. However, I'm sure none of them could have predicted that their intimate sex video would wind up on GFR for millions of people to see. Lucky for us, guys are still able to talk their way into keeping the camera on during sex. Maybe it's because the girls get caught up in the heat of the moment, or maybe they really just don't care that a few people may end up watching it. Whatever the reason, you won't hear us complaining about it. The more sex tapes that exist, the better the chances are that one of them will find its way to GFRevenge just like this one did! Watch All Videos


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